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Passionate birdwatcher, tracker, nature craft teacher, wildlife photographer, author and conservationist.

I believe that strengthening our connection with nature around us is critical for our well-being and for wildlife conservation. Identifying, understanding, appreciating, wondering at nature’s intricacies and beauty have enriched my life, and I hope to pass on my passion by teaching about nature, and sharing my photographs.

*NEW* Tracking courses in England, 2023.

  • Introduction to Wildlife Tracking, Devon. 25-26 March. Apricot Centre
  • Wildlife Tracking and Identification (NCFE Level-4), Sussex. April – August. Woodcraft School
  • Discovering Wildlife Tracks and Signs, Flatford Mill. 22-23 April. Field Studies Council
  • Track and Sign workshop, Sussex. 29-30 April March. Woodcraft School
  • Introduction to the Tracks and Signs of Shetland’s animals, Lerwick. 21 May. Shetland Amenity Trust
  • Combined Tracking Workshop and Evaluation, Sussex. 26-30 June. Woodcraft School.
  • Discovering Wildlife Tracks and Signs, Flatford Mill. 14-15 October. Field Studies Council


I photograph wildlife to inspire and educate others about nature and the need to conserve it, combining this with my tracking courses and training days to pass on my passion for tracking and wildlife.

A birdwatcher since childhood, I am passionate about all nature – about its conservation, rewilding, about its beauty and intricacies. After a 30-year career in international biodiversity conservation I am now focusing my attention closer to home – passing on some of my passion and expertise through training, mentoring and photography. Read more about me here, and browse my Gallery of nature photos here.


I support and deliver tracking courses and document wildlife track and sign through my photography to increase our knowledge and understanding of our wildlife and support its conservation.

“Who made that track?” is one of the most natural questions in the world. This innate curiosity invites us to connect with the natural world, a connection that is missing in many of our lives. And the desire to know what animals are around us, doing what and when is also important for wildlife practitioners, conservation managers and ecologists. Tracking is both an ancient art and an important, low-tech professional discipline.


I lead training days for Ecological Consultancies and Conservation NGOs, as well as Mentoring opportunities for individuals and small groups, passing on my passion for tracking and wildlife.

Wishing to pass on my passion for nature and tracking I am teaching and assisting on multi-day courses and evaluation workshops run by Woodcraft School , which are excellent fun, so please do check them out. I also run tracking courses as an Associate Tutor for Field Studies Council . I deliver Training days for Consultancies and Conservation NGOs, am working with Andrews Wildlife Consultancy to deliver tracking services, and provide Mentoring opportunities for individuals and small groups. Please take a look at my Teaching page, and don’t hesitate to Get in touch.