Interpreting the tracks and signs left behind by animals is an ancient skill that enables us to read their stories – where they have been and when, what they have been doing, who they were being hunted by, what they have been eating, and much more. This can enrich our experience of nature, resulting in a deeper connection with what’s around us. It also has a practical use as a highly effective non-intervention tool for assessing the presence of animals and monitoring wildlife. I have been helping teach tracking courses with Woodcraft School since 2015, and recently started to provide training days for consultancies and NGOs, as well as mentoring opportunities for individuals. Details are outlined below, but please Get in touch if you would like to learn more.


I work closely with Woodcraft School, assisting John Rhyder with courses including Wildlife Tracking and Identification (a 12-day immersion into the world of track and sign), and a Combined Tracking Workshop and Evaluation (a 3-day track and sign workshop followed by a 2-day evaluation). These courses, and the Tracker Evaluations run by Woodcraft School, provide high quality learning opportunities for anyone with a personal or professional interest in nature and wildlife tracking. All inquiries and bookings through Woodcraft School.

Training days

Accurate interpretation of wildlife track and sign is an essential skill used by conservation practitioners and ecological consultants. At an individual level these skills are often focused on a particular species or species group, but a broad knowledge of the track and sign left by all species can be an invaluable asset for developing comprehensive inventories or correct identification of all protected and priority species. I can deliver bespoke staff training days, training programs or workshops (meeting Continuing Professional Development commitments) as required by you.


Spending time in nature is now widely accepted as beneficial to our well-being. Connecting with that nature enhances those benefits. A deep connection results in a strong sense of place and time – animals do different things in the different seasons, and seeing these changes, or even predicting these things makes us feel like we belong. I want to share my broad knowledge of nature – track and sign, wildlife identification, bird language – in other words “nature craft”, and can do that through bespoke Mentoring sessions with individuals, small groups or families across East Anglia.

Let’s go tracking and connect with nature…

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