Passionate birdwatcher, tracker, nature craft teacher, wildlife photographer, bushcrafter, author and conservationist.

David Wege

My childhood passion for birds, birdwatching and all things “nature” led me to an amazing 30-year career in international bird and biodiversity conservation with BirdLife International. Most recently, that passion for birds and the nature around us has drawn me away from my desk to re-connect with the nature I love. Starting with the incredible nature-based bushcraft training provided by Woodcraft School, I re-discovered tracking, foraging, thriving outside – what I think of as “nature craft”. Learning to read and interpret the tracks and sign left by animals as they pass across the landscape resonated with the scientist and conservationist in me. Now, every time I walk outside, nature reveals just a little bit more, and this learning journey is one I’m keen to share with as many people as possible – it is engaging, stimulating, connecting and incredibly important. People I have recently worked with have variously described me as: calm, engaging, friendly, personable, conscientious, competent and patient – characters I attribute to spending time in nature, learning from nature. I would like to invite you to do the same – whether for professional development or personal enjoyment.


Track & Sign CyberTracker Level 4

Applied Bushcraft (NCFE Level 4)

Wildlife Identification and Tracking (NCFE Level 4)

BSc Environmental Biology (University College Swansea)

Trailing CyberTracker Level 3

Advanced Bushcraft (NCFE Level 3)

MSc in Conservation (University College London)


Co-lead/ Assistant Trainer at Woodcraft School Ltd
(2015 – present)
Assisting with teaching on a number of Woodcraft School’s Wildlife Tracking residential courses and Tracker Evaluations. Responsible for trainees at the woodland camp.

Trainer and Mentor, David Wege Nature
(2020 – present)
Provision of bespoke Tracking training and mentoring for Ecological Consultancies, conservation NGOs and individuals.

Associate of Andrews Wildlife Consultancy
(2021 – present)
Provision of Track and Sign services for wildlife survey and monitoring.

Photographer for Wildniswind
(2020 – present)
Provision of wildlife photos for Wildniswind (German wilderness training company) and their online course for nature connection – Wildniswind.

Senior Adviser at BirdLife International
(2017 – 2019)
Strategic conservation and science planning, and institutional capacity advice to conservation NGOs in the Americas. Previously (1989 – 2017) Americas Director of Conservation and Science, Senior Conservation Manager, Caribbean Program Director, Research Manager – publishing agenda-setting conservation publications, research papers, fundraising, provision of technical support, strategic planning, conservation planning and priority setting.

Selected publications

  • Wege, D. (2021) The Art of Tracking – for birders. Birds of Andalucia 10(4): xx – xx.
  • Kohler, M. and Wege, D. (2021) The Ornithological Skills Pyramid: creating a benchmark for the ecological consultancy community. In Practice 111: 36-39.
  • BirdLife International (2010) Ecosystem Profile for the Caribbean Islands Biodiversity Hotspot. Washington, DC: Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund.
  • Wege, D. C. & Anadon-Irizarry, V. eds. (2008) Important Bird Areas in the Caribbean: key sites for conservation. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International (BirdLife Conservation Series 15).
  • Wege, D.C., Long, A.J., Mai Ky Vinh, Vu Van Dung & Eames, J.C. (1999) Expanding the protected areas network in Vietnam for the 21st century: an analysis of the current system with recommendations for equitable expansion. Hanoi, Vietnam: BirdLife International Vietnam Program (Conservation Report 6).
  • Stattersfield, A.J., Crosby, M.J., Long, A.J. & Wege, D.C. (1998) Endemic Bird Areas of the world: priorities for biodiversity conservation. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International (BirdeLife Conservation Series 7).
  • Wege, D.C. & Long, A.J. (1995) Key Areas for threatened birds in the Neotropics. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International (BirdLife Conservation Series 4).
  • Collar, N.J., Gonzaga, L.P., Krabbe, N., Madroño Nieto, A., Naranjo, L.G., Parker, T.A. & Wege, D.C. (1992) Threatened birds of the Americas: the ICBP/IUCN Red Data Book. Cambridge, UK: International Council for Bird Preservation.

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